Can Cats Eat Cheesecake? (Potential Harms Explained)

A small portion of this tasty dessert won’t necessarily make your cat sick.  But, most cats are lactose intolerant, so, their digestive system cannot digest the sugar in the dairy products.

Can Cats Eat Cheesecake?

Sugar in the cheesecake can cause vomit and diarrhea in cats.  If the consumption of sugar is long-term, it can also lead to diabetes and obesity.

Why Cheesecake Isn’t Healthy For Your Cat?

1. Raisins: can lead to   vomiting and possible   kidney problems.  2. Chocolate: it contains   caffeine and   theobromine, which isn’t   something your cat can   digest.  3. Xylitol: this sugar   substitute can lead to   low blood sugar level.

What Toxic Ingredients Can Be Found In Cheesecake?

Cats can’t taste sweet, but, cheesecake also has other flavor profiles which cats can taste and might even like.

Do Cats Even Like Cheesecake?

For this cake to kill your cat, she would have to eat a lot of it, and eat it regularly.  So, no, it’s not likely that cheesecake will kill your cat.  However, there are far better treat option for her, such as fish or cooked meat.

Can Cheesecake Kill Your Cat?