Can Cats Drink Orange Juice, And Are There Better Treat Options?

Can Cats Drink Orange Juice?

Orange juice contains essential oils that are considered toxic for cats.  The best would be to completely avoid giving your cat orange juice.

Do Cats Need Nutrients From Plants?

Cats are obligate carnivores. Cats can digest plants in smaller amounts, but, high sugar content in orange juice might cause digestive issues in cats. Cats need meat to get all their vitamins and minerals; not plants.

Cats Can’t Taste Sweet Flavor

You might enjoy the sweetness of your orange juice, but, cats lack the required receptors to taste sweet in the way humans do.  So, if you don’t give your cat orange juice – she is actually not missing anything!

Why Would A Cat Even Drink Orange Juice?

Since they likely don’t taste anything while drinking this juice, why would cats even drink it?  Probably because they always like to taste something new!

What Are Some Better Treat Options?

1. Bone broth: great treat with low calories 2. Tuna water: you should give it your cat only occasionally  3. Goat milk: despite many cats being lactose intolerant, goat’s milk is actually safe and tasty for them