Can A Cat Travel Without A Carrier In A Car?Travelling Tips!

Can A Cat Travel Without A Carrier In A Car?

Veterinarians state that the first thing you need to do before traveling is getting a suitable size carrier because those are the best way to ensure your kitty is safe while traveling in the car.

Why Should You Keep Your Cat In A Carrier While Driving?

• To avoid accidents • For your cat’s safety • It could be illegal

How To Make Car Travel With Your Cat Safer?

Let’s look at our list of preparations when you’re traveling with your feline companion!

1. Choose The Right Carrier

Since you’re traveling by car, you might want to go for a carrier that has been crash-tested, like the Sleepypod Air-in cabin carrier, which you can check here on Amazon.

2. ID Information

Every time your kitty is out of the house, they need to have a cat collar on with an up-to-date ID tag that includes your home address and phone number.

3. Your Cat’s Basic Needs

When it comes to long travels, especially if you’re moving from one area to another, your kitty will need water and treats or proper food. Sometimes, they’ll even need a portable litter box to do their business.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Enzyme cleaners are great for cleaning cat urine, but you must also ensure the cleaning product is odorless and safe. Cats are sensitive to strong smells, and a strong cleaner can increase their discomfort during travel.