5 Best Cheap Cat Food

1. Best Overall: American Journey Wet Cat Food

All five of the first ingredients are sourced from animals which means this cat food lines up really well with your cat’s carnivorous roots.

2. Best for Picky Eaters: Merrick Backcountry Pouches

Not only does it stay easy on the budget, but with a wide range of unique flavors, you’re sure to find something that your cat likes.

3. Best High Protein For Weight Loss: Weruva Mideast Feast

Weruva Mideast Feast has 75% protein by dry matter basis. That’s well above the typical 35 to 45% range that you see in most wet cat foods.

4. Premium Pick for Picky Cats: Instinct Original Raw High Protein Cat Food

Instead of just chicken or fish like you see in most brands, Instinct also has duck and rabbit flavors - more appealing.

5. Runner Up: Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Dry Cat Food

The Salmon recipe features three animal-sourced protein ingredients within the first five.