Best Cardboard Cat Carrier Put Your Cat In It And Go!

Our Top Cardboard Cat Carrier: Oasis Pet Carrier

While cardboard carriers can’t compete with hard and soft carriers, they can still be helpful under certain circumstances.

For this reason, we chose the Oasis Pet Carrier brand that produces sturdy disposable carriers that can be used by shelters or cat parents that don’t want to invest in a hard carrier while their cat is still a kitten.

The carrier offers plenty of ventilation through the air holes, and the joints are glued together to keep it from falling apart, making it the safest way to transport kittens and cats.

For pet foster parents, having a twelve-pack of the Oasis cardboard carriers can be a great way to take kittens for veterinary appointments or to drive them to their new homes.

When Should You Use A Cardboard Cat Carrier?

If you’re taking care of stray cats in your neighborhood, you can keep a pack of cardboard carriers at home in case you find a stray kitten or a cat that needs help.