Best 7 Essential Oils To Keep Cats Off Counters


Citronella Oil

You can pick up a bottle of plain citronella oil and combine around 25 drops of it with roughly 3/4 cup of water to create your own feline deterrent spray. And, of course – spray your countertops, not your cat with it!


Eucalyptus Oil

You can put 20 drops of eucalyptus oil to around ¾ cup of water.  This oil has a minty smell with some hint of honey.


Lavender Oil

You can make a solution for your cat climbing on the counters the same way as with the previous oils.  Just make sure there’s no residue left behind that your cat might come on contact with.


Lemon Oil

With this oil, you can create a lemon-based cleaning product that will deter your cat from jumping on the counters, but will also keep your kitchen clean, while staying eco-friendly!


Orange Oil

You can incorporate orange oil into your kitchen either as part of your cleaning routine, or a dedicated cat deterrent spray.  Orange oil is another citrus-based oil that your cat will not like!


Rosemary Oil

This oil smells pretty much like wood, and this is not a smell your cat will enjoy! Feel free to put some of this on your counters to keep your curious kitty away.


Rue Oil

This oil has a strong smell – kind of like that of a burnt toast!  Rue is often planted to keep cats away from gardens; so, you might try to do the same with your counters.

Why Do Cats Jump On Counters?

Some of them are trying to track down any crumb they can find.  On the other hand, some cats might just like to casually explore the counter and they see this place as just another lounging location.

How To Keep Your Cat Safe When Using Essential Oils

Your cat should by no means ingest essential oils.  So, don’t ever spray your cat with one of these oils – just use it diluted on your counters.  Consult your vet if you have any additional questions.