Are Cats Afraid Of The Dark? Stick With Us And Find Out!

Are Cats Afraid Of The Dark?

Cats dislike complete darkness, but most cats are not afraid of the dark. However, they can negatively associate with the dark because of a traumatic experiences like being captured, abused, hunted, or injured.

Can Cats See In The Dark?

Cats are crepuscular animals, and they can only see in partial darkness. That’s why cats are excellent hunters during the dusk and dawn when there’s still some low light.

Are Kittens Afraid Of The Dark?

A kitten will most likely bump into random objects in the dark; while older cats might have negative associations with darkness, a kitten will most likely feel abandoned and lost.

Is It Ok To Leave Your Cat In The Dark?

Instead of closing each shutter in your house, leave a few open to let some natural light come in during the night. This way, your kitty and kitten can navigate their surroundings.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Afraid Of The Dark?

If your cat seems to be more scared of being left alone when it’s dark, then you can let her sleep with you or place her bed in the corner of your bedroom.