All You Need To Know About Orange Cat Behavior

Orange Cat Behavior

Orange tabby cats of all cat breeds seem to be the friendliest of them.  This can be related to the majority (80%) of orange tabby cats being male.

Orange Cat Temperament

The cat’s personality is influenced by various factors, including its genetics, environment, and socialization.  But, most of orange cats are affectionate, social, playful, independent, and adaptable.

Are Orange Cats Clingy?

Some cats may be clingier than others, but this can vary a lot and can depend on the individual cat’s personality and past experiences.  However, orange cats seem to be the friendliest of all cat breeds, and might suffer from separation anxiety.

Orange Cat Breeds

The following cat breeds can have orange fur:

• Abyssinian Cat

• Persian Cat

• Exotic Shorthair Cat

• Maine Coon

• Devon Rex

• Bengal

• Chausie Cat

• Somali

• British Shorthair

• Munchkin

Why Is Orange Cats' Behavior Complex To Explain?

Because this is not a specific breed but rather a coat color that can be seen in many different cats.  The temperament of this cat will be influenced by its genetics, environment, and socialization, rather than just its coat color.