All Information On The Tabby Cat Growth Chart

Tabby Cat Growth Chart


1 month


3-5 months

7-12  months

1 year

2 years

3 years

10-17 years

2 pounds

4 pounds

5 pounds

8 pounds

9 pounds

11 pounds

18-21 pounds

As they gain strength and attempt  to gain weight, newborn kittens  will frequently nurse from the mother cat. Besides nursing, kitten formula  will be their main food source.  Newborn kittens usually weigh  between 3.5 and 3.75 ounces  at birth.

Newborn Kittens

Your kitten will be able to begin  learning how to use the litter box  somewhere in the first week of  the second month. They will also walk with more  assurance than before. Kittens need their first set of shots  in the second and third month  of age.

Two To Six Months Old

A tabby cat should weigh between  5 and 8 pounds at this point,  which will be around the  24 to 25-week mark. The cat’s weight at this stage is  crucial because it is between  50 and 75 percent of what  it will eventually weigh as  an adult.

Six Months To Ten Months Old

In this period, cats can exhibit  some of behaviors, like spraying,  increased social behavior,  and deeper vocal tone. They will also run faster and  jump higher.

Seventh To Eighth Month

At this point, the tabby kitten should look like a stunning  adult cat.  She should have received all  of their vaccinations and  grown considerably.

Eleven Months To Twelve Months Old

Adult tabby cats will be most  active and start to show their  true personalities at this time.   This is the period between  the ages of 3 and 6.

Prime Years Of Cat Life

A tabby cat might start to develop more complications as she gets older. Cats should visit the vet annually  for checkups and be tested for several illnesses. The later years for tabby cats  range in age from 7 to 10.

Later Years Of Cat Life

As cats age, their bodies do  deteriorate. They are susceptible to all kinds of physical problems.  A cat’s senior years can vary, but  once they reach about 15 years  of age, that is regarded as a significant achievement.

Senior Years