A Thorough Merrick Backcountry Cat Food Review


Merrick dates back in 1988, which means it’s one of the oldest pet food companies around.  This company started with dog treats, and after more than a decade began producing cat food.

About Merrick

The wet version of Merrick Backcountry food has seven varieties: beef, chicken, chicken & trout, duck, rabbit, turkey, and whitefish.   The dry food has two formulas: Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

Product Variety: 7.5/10

This means that the food matches what your cat would have eaten in nature.

Species Appropriateness: 8/10

Merrick dry cat food features chunks of freeze-dried salmon, whitefish meal, potatoes, peas, pork fat, trout, etc.  Wet food version features deboned turkey, turkey broth, chicken broth, turkey liver, deboned chicken, etc.

Ingredient Quality: 7.5/10

Overall, Merrick has a reasonable recall history considering its 30+ year history in the pet food industry.

Recall History: 6/10

Merrick Backcountry isn’t the most expensive cat food, but it's not cheap, either.

Price: 6.5/10

One thing some customers didn’t like is them spending the money on this cat food – only to see their cats refusing to eat it!  However, there are way more happy cat owners who wrote how even the smallest kittens can eat this cat food.

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