A Light On For Kitten At Night: Yes or no?


Nocturnal animals are active during the night instead of the day - so, they hunt and mate during night. Technically, not all cats are nocturnal animals.

Not All Cats Are Nocturnal Animals

This means that cats are primarily active during the twilight period. Cats can see their way around in low light. They are great at detecting motion, but, their vision isn't' as clear as humans.

Rather, Cats Are Crepuscular Animals

Cats have the pineal gland which is responsible for hormone melatonin production. Leaving light for a cat at night might cause issues with the melatonin production and disrupt the cat’s sleep. So, cats don't really need light at night.

Do Cats Need Light At Night?

Although light is not necessary for cats, complete dark might be stressful for small kittens.  You can leave it a dim light, or pull the curtains aside to let some natural light in.

So, Should You Leave Light For Your Kitten At Night?

3. Use positive reinforcement to train your kitten to perceive night as a time of sleep

3 Ways To Help You Kitten Sleep At Night

1. Provide your cat with playtime and exercise

2. Establish feeding schedule

Should You Leave A Kitten Alone Overnight?

First you should  create a safe space to leave your kitten alone. Always leave a water bowl and a food bowl, as well as a litter box for your cat. Also, ensure your kitten will not hurt herself while you are away.