A Hard Question: Should I Leave My Dying Cat Alone?


It is natural for you to want to be with your cat and provide comfort during this time.  If your cat is experiencing pain, it may better for her to be left alone.   However, if she is still responsive, it can be comforting you being by her side.

Should I Leave My Dying Cat Alone?

- Lack of interest

How Do I Tell That My Cat Is Suffering?

- Weight loss

- Lethargy

- Hiding

- Reduced mobility function

- Avoiding water bowl and food bow

- Bad appearance and bad odors

- Give pain medications

What Should I Do For My Dying Cat?

- Toilet assistance

- Provide a comfy space

- Help with grooming

- Give treats

- Be with her

Should You Consult A Vet?

It’s always a good idea to consult a veterinarian for guidance on your cat’s best course of action.   They can provide recommendations based on your cat’s specific condition and needs.   They might recommend euthanasia and cremation.