A Guide To Cat Urine Color Chart


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Cat Urine Color Chart

Urine Color


Light yellow



Dark yellow

The urine is normal

Cancer, UTI, kidney  disease, blood parasite

Cystitis, cancer,  autoimmune disease


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What Color Is Normal For Cat Pee?

A cat’s urine should be pale yellow,  similar to the urine of a healthy  human individual.

If your cat’s pee is a pale yellow and  clear, there is absolutely no need  to worry. That means that your  cat is well-hydrated and healthy!  But, there are some urine colors  that may indicate problems in your  cat.

What Does Unhealthy Cat Urine  Look Like?

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If you spot cloudiness in a cat’s pee,  your cat’s urine is contaminated with pus.   However, this is not a clear indication of a  disease or an illness, but it may indicate  some infection in the upper or lower urinary  tract of your cat.

1. Cloudy

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The blood in the urine may indicate  that your cat suffers from feline lower  urinary tract disease and cystitis.

2. Red Or Pink

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A dark yellow shading to the green color  of the urine is the result of a bilirubin  effusion into the kidneys.

3. Green

If you see blood in the urine of  your cat, it may indicate that your  cat is under stress, or phase  urinary tract infection, bladder  infection, dehydration, crystals,  or bladder stones.

Why Does My Cat Have Blood In  Her Urine?

A healthy cat is expected to pee  2 to 4 times a day.   If there is an unusual increase in  urination, it can indicate kidney  issues, hyperthyroidism, and  diabetes.

Observation Of The Volume Of Your  Cat’s Pee