9 Reasons Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep


1. You Two Are Bonded

The human-cat relationship went beyond simply food and shelter.  So, it’s not surprising that your cat will feel safe sleeping next to you.

2. Your Cat Is Watching Over You

Cats see us as their equal and someone with whom they can establish a close relationship.  If we’re part of their pack then it’s only natural that they’d feel protective of us, especially when we’re most vulnerable.

3. Your Cat Wants To Cuddle

This might also be a reminder that your kitty needs more love and attention.

4. Your Cat Is Anxious

It might be difficult for you to sleep like this, but this observation might help you alleviate your kitty’s anxiety.

5. Your Cat Is Bored

Your kitty might be waiting for the moment you wake up so she can demand some playtime.

6. You’re A Restless Sleeper

Your restlessness and their close proximity to your face can result in your feline companion keeping their eyes on you.

7. You’re Sleeping In Their Spot

Have you switched spots in your  bed and accidentally taken  your cat’s pillow from her?  Perhaps your kitty is simply  stating the obvious -  that you’re in her spot.

8. Your Cat Might Be Asleep

It’s possible that your kitty wasn’t  actually looking at you; in fact,  it was the inner eyelid that you  could’ve mistaken for their eye.   Of course, it’s also possible  that your kitty had fallen  asleep with their eyes open  or half-open.

9. Your Cat Is Hungry

A cat watching their owner could  simply be a cat that wants  something from him,  and that’s usually food.