9 Reasons Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest


1. Your Cat Loves You

Your feline friend just wants to show you love!

2. You Serve As A Heated Cat Bed

Your feline friend just wants to show you love!

3. Sense Of Security

Your cat feels safe while laying on your chest.

4. Territory Marking

Cats enjoy marking their territory - including you!   They’re also marking you with feline pheromones when they sleep on various regions of your body.

5. You Are Your Cat’s Best Friend

Your cat has no one other than you!

6. You’re So Comfy

Cats look to be comfortable at all times.   Your cat probably chooses you as the comfiest in the household!

7. You’re Her Protector

Your cat believes that you will protect her, and this is why she likes to sleep on your chest.

8. Stress

Your cat might lay on your chest because she feels depressed, stressed, or overall unwell.  Laying on your chest might be her therapy session.

9. You Are The Perfect Observing Spot

Your cat can see everything from your chest – so, this is her perfect observing spot!