9 Reasons For Cat Breathing Heavily While Resting


1. Heartworms

Cats can contract heartworm disease after being bitten by a mosquito carrying larval Dirofilaria immitis parasites, causing them to breathe heavily while resting.

2. Toxins And Drugs

Blood clotting-impaired poisons can cause labored breathing in felines.  Cats’ breathing difficulties can also result from other toxic and drug reactions.

3. Asthma And Chronic Bronchitis

Cats that suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis can have trouble breathing.

4. Trauma

Breathing issues can result from chest injuries, or injuries to other parts of the body that cause pain, bleeding, or neurological problems in cats.

5. Infections

A cat breathing heavily while resting might be having upper respiratory infections, tracheobronchitis, or pneumonia.

6. Foreign Objects

Cats might ingest objects that obstruct their breathing by getting stuck in their airways.

7. Heart Disease

Heart issues can negatively impact blood flow and lead to fluid accumulation in lungs, causing a cat to breathe heavily.

8. Fluid Around The Lungs

A cat might breathe heavily while resting when there is an accumulation of fluid or gas in her chest cavity.

9. Cancer

The cat’s respiratory system might be impacted by numerous tumor types.