8 Signs Of Cat Depression After New Kitten


Anxious or unhappy cats have a tendency to scratch things more frequently.

1. Excessive Scratching

If you just brought home a new kitten, it’s likely for your cat to follow you around, even to the toilet.

2. Clingy Behavior

Excessive sleeping can also be a sign of depression in cats.

3. Sleeping More Than Usual

Refusal to eat might indicate that your cat isn’t feeling well and isn’t happy about the new situation.

4. Changes In Cat’s Appetite

Despite being trained to use the litter box, depressed cats might begin to urinate elsewhere.

5. Bathroom Accidents

Changes in cats’ regular grooming habits can sometimes be a sign of sadness and anxiety.

6. Undergrooming Or Overgrooming

If your cat is using the litter box less frequently, it could be a sign of a behavioral issue such as stress or anxiety.

7. Changes In Litter Box Habits

Depressed cats might be a lot more vocal than usual.

8. Changes In Vocalizations

1. Prepare separate rooms

How Can I Help My Cat To Adjust To A New Kitten?

2. Make the introduction as comfortable as possible

3. Let your old cat spend some time with the new kitten