8 Reasons Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband


1. Your Clothes

Maybe you’re always wearing comfortable and soft clothes.  Cats love this cuddly stuff!

2. Your Cat Likes You

Kneading is a type of behavior where a cat expresses emotions of safety and contentment.   Your cat kneads you, but not your husband? You’re probably her favorite human!

3. You’re Often Sitting Still

Your cat might think that your husband won’t sit still while she kneads him, so she rather picks you because she knows you’ll be calm.

4. Your Cat And You Are Bonded

You’re the one who cleans your cat’s litter box, feed her, and plays with her for the most of time?  No wander you’re the first person she wants to knead!

5. Your Cat Sees You As A Mother

Kittens have learned to knead their mothers to get milk.  If you have your cat from their young age, it’s possible that she sees you as her mother.

6. Your Cat Kneads Before A Nap

Cats love to have a blanket or garment to knead before sleeping.  If those things aren’t available, and your cat sees you laying there all alone – she will knead you!

7. Gender Bias

Women are usually more patient and more compassionate than men.  It’s possible that you take care of your cat due to maternal instinct, while your husband pays more attention to other things.

8. Scent

Perhaps your cat is just really crazy about your scent!