8 Reasons Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else


1. Your Cat Is Overstimulated

Maybe you’re not petting your cat in the way she likes it, or you have been petting her for too long.  So, if your cat is attacking only you, there’s a good chance you need to adjust your petting.

2. Just For Fun

Maybe your cat is just bored, and enjoys to attack you between her naps – just for fun!

3. Redirected Aggression

Maybe your cat is frustrated by some cat she saw outside; she doesn’t have anybody but you to redirect her frustration.

4. You Smell A Little Funny

If a cat senses some weird smell on you – like ammonia or bleach, this might trigger a weird response in her.

5. Unintended Positive Reinforcement

Your cat attacked you once, and you engaged in this game, or even gave her a snack afterwards?   Well, you actually encouraged her to attack you even more!

6. Maybe Your Cat Doesn’t Like You

Maybe you don’t pet her in the right way, maybe you talk too loudly, or you spend time with other pets, and your cat smell them on you… Whatever the case – your cat simply might not like you!

7. Maybe You’re The Only Cat Person In The House

Are you the only person that spends time with your cat in your home?  Maybe she’s attacking you simply because she doesn’t have anyone else to attack!

8. Territorial Behavior

Your cat could be attacking you because you’re the only one encroaching on what she perceives as her territory, or because you’re the only one she sees as a threat.

How To Solve This?

Make sure you’re not encouraging the behavior.  Give your cat some play therapy – a time for her to capture, chase, and hunt.  If your cat is showing great aggression, you should consult your vet.