8 Reasons For Cat Foaming At The Mouth


1. Anxiety

Cat foaming at mouth is one of the anxiety symptoms, together with excessive grooming, hiding, vocalization, avoiding eye contact, and trembling.

2. Feeling Nauseous

Many reasons might cause your cat to feel nauseous, such as eating new food, eating human food, pregnancy, gastritis, motion sickness, etc.  If she is feeling nauseous, she might foam at the mouth.

3. Hunger Foaming

If a cat’s stomach is empty for a longer period of time, a larger amount of gastric secretion accumulates in it.  When this happens, her gastric mucosa is irritated, leading to all the substance from her stomach coming out through mouth in the white foam form.

4. Medicines Side Effects

A new, bitter medicine might also cause foaming in your cat.  Usually, cats should stop foaming right after their body absorbs the new medicine.

5. Dental Issues Might Be Involved

Dental problems, such as a broken tooth, gingivitis, or periodontal disease, might be a reason why your cat is foaming.

6. Poisoning

Foaming at the mouth might appear if your cat has ingested a toxic substance, such as human drugs, veterinary drugs (tramadol), or plant derivatives.

7. Seizures

Some cats might suffer from  seizures which manifest in  uncontrollable muscle activity  and with foaming at the mouth  in some cases.

8. Rabies

Unfortunately, a cat foaming at the  mouth might have rabies.   Other common symptoms are  loss of muscle control, aggression  and difficulty swallowing.