8 Proven Methods On How To Reduce Cat Shedding


Regular brushing will help you keep your cat’s shedding under control, and will also minimize hairballs, and remove dirt, dander, and dead hair.

1. Brush Your Cat Regularly

You can try giving your cat something that you don’t mind her laying on; this won’t actually decrease the amount of shedding, but it will minimize the spread of her hair around the house.

2. Create A Fur-Friendly Location

Keeping a cat well-hydrated improves her overall coat quality.  You can do this by giving your cat wet food.

3. Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Bathing will help remove dead, loose hair from your cat’s coat. If you decide to do so, use a feline-friendly shampoo. And, be prepared for your cat’s refusal to cooperate!

4. You Might Want To Consider Bathing

If your cat’s diet is poor, this can lead to her having a dry, brittle coat, and more of her hair will fall out. Try adding more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to your cat’s diet.

5. Upgrade Your Cat’s Diet

You can do it yourself, or hire a professional.

6. Shave Your Cat

Regular cleaning is a must with a shedding cat in the house.

7. Vacuum Regularly

Stress can increase shedding in cats. Try to find out what’s stressing your cat out, and then look for the best way to help her.

8. Reduce Stress