8 Explanations For Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs


Your cat chose you as the safest place of all possible sleeping spots. Sleeping between your legs seems to be the safest option of all, as you can turn from side to side, and you probably won’t disturb your cat’s sleep.

1. Safety

Your cat chose your legs to sleep  between; you provide security because your cat knows you’ll protect her no matter what.

2. Security

Cats love the warmth, and for  their sleeping time, they seek  warm places. Your legs offer a lot of heat, and  the cat knows that both sides are warm.

3. Warmth & Coziness

Your cat might also be marking her territory;  in this case, the territory is you.

4. Territory

If cats seek a deep sleep, they’ll look for  a safe place where they can fully relax.   And what could be the safest place to  fall into a deep sleep than between  their owner’s legs?

5. Deep Sleep

Cats are both affectionate and social, and often when they choose to sleep between your legs, they’re trying to  make a connection with you.

6. Bonding Time

Sleeping between your legs  provides your cat with a good vantage point as they want a great view of the environment  around them.

7. Great Vantage Point

A stressed and anxious cat can often become clingy and territorial, resulting in sleeping as close as  possible to its owners.

8. Anxiety & Stress