7 Reasons Why Do Cats Like Going Under Covers And Blankets


Your cat likely wants to know what you are doing all the time.  She probably hides under your covers just to find out what’s going on under there!

1. Curiosity

Cats always try to find a new, weird, or tricky place to hide.  Your covers might be one of her favorite place to hide!

2. Hiding

Cats enjoy warmth.  So, they will go under covers to be warm – just like us!

3. A Warm Place

If your cat is scared or anxious, she might hide under your covers.  Being under sheets has a calming effects on felines.

4. A Calming Place

All cats like to have a small area of land on their own; your cat choose your sheets as her own area!

5. Territorial Behavior

In some cases, your cat hiding under your covers and blankets will only mean she is up to some playtime!

6. The Cat Wants To Play

A sick cat will have a natural urge to hide.  If your cat suddenly starts to spend a lot of time under your covers, you should consult a veterinarian.

7. The Cat Isn’t Feeling Well