7 Most Common Reasons For Cat Squinting One Eye


1. Blepharospasm

This is inflammation of the eyelids and the  conjunctival membranes that border the eyelids.  The eyelids and the borders of the eyelids  swell under these situations, giving the cat the appearance of squinting.

2. Conjunctivitis And Blepharitis

This is the inflammation of the eyelids along with conjunctival membranes. When this happens, the margins of  the eyelids and the eyelid itself swell,  and it seems like the cat is squinting,  leading to excessive tearing.

3. Glaucoma

Glaucoma results from the pressure  in the eye, which is full of excess  fluid.  If your cat is experiencing glaucoma, you'll notice she shows signs of severe pain, such as  squinting one eye, rubbing it, crying,  yowling, and avoiding people.

4. Cat’s Eye infection

Several things can cause eye infections,  such as parasites, fungi, bacteria, viral infections, etc.   If you see your cat squinting and rubbing  its eyes, that might be the first sign that  your cat has an eye infection.

5. Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcer manifests in open sores  on the eye’s surface.  You will notice the cloudiness in the  cat's affected eye, squinting and rubbing, eye pain, discharge, and  redness.

6. Eye Irritation

Eye irritation in cats can occur due to  eye irritants such as cleaning  chemicals, perfume, dust, and tobacco smoke.  You can notice your cat squinting  one eye or rubbing the affected area, and the affected eye may be red and  release discharge.

7. Trauma

Your cat squinting one eye is often the result of some trauma. Besides the squinting, the cat’s  eye may release some discharge from the eye, which can seem  like tears, transparent, thick,  or green-yellow.