7 Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

7 Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats


Offers plenty of room for multiple kittens to climb

Best Overall: Sifurni Heavy Duty 68 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree


This cat tree has a nice wide  base that can support several  cats

Comes equipped with  anti-wobble wall mounts to prevent the tree from tipping over

Even without a super-wide base, this cat tree is still stable and standard with a wall attachment to give you extra tipping protection

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree


There’s also a ramp on  this cat tree

An excellent choice for people  on budget

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree


Has a ladder, basket, hammock,  and even an interesting tube that floats below the top platform

Offers two huge platforms that  give cats plenty of room to  navigate around

This cat tree is extremely tall with  a height of 87.5″

Go Pet Club Huge 87.5″ Cat Tree House


It’s also very wide with a 42″ by  23.5″ footprint on the floor

Features a ton of room to add  plenty of cubbies, tubes and  platforms

A big, cat-friendly tree with  jumbo-sized platforms and  extra-large cubbies

Hey-Brother 37.8″ Multi-Level  Cat Condo


Has plenty of room for multiple  cats to share without getting in  each other’s way

Features two large baskets  measuring 13.8″ in diameter each

With two comfortable cubbies and  two plush platforms, this tree  includes fabric in all the right  places but completely leaves  the classic carpet look behind

PAWZ 51 Inch Road Modern Cat Tree


Features two ramps leading  more than halfway up the tower

Go Pet Club 72 Inch Cat Tree With Ramps


Great for older cats that may  not want to jump or can’t  quite jump the way they  used to

Using only the ramps,  cats can make their way  up the majority of this cat tree