6 Reasons Why Does My Cat Scratch Around His Food


1. Hiding The Scent Of Food

A cat scratching around his food might recreate the instinctive behavior of hiding his leftovers from other animals. If there are other pets in the household, the cat is probably hiding the scent of his leftovers from them.

2. Trying To Protect Her Kittens

Scratching around the food might be a mother cat's attempt to protect her kittens. Wild cats are known for protecting their food, and this urge gets even greater when they have kittens. So, this is also a cat's natural instinct.

3. Kneading The Floor

Kittens knead on their mother's nipple to get more milk. Many adult cats will also knead the floor before or after their meals - this means that they are excited about food!

4. Keeping The Space Clean

They might just be trying to keep their feeding area tidy! Cats love to be clean and that is why they spend so much time grooming themselves. So cool to think that your cat is scratching around his food to keep the area clean!

5. The Cat Had Enough Food

If you are away from home a lot, you probably give your cat larger food portions.  When a cat has had enough food, she might scratch the floor to show you that she doesn't want to eat anymore.

6. The Cat Dislikes The Food

Your cat might scratch around his food when he doesn't like the taste of his meal.

How To Stop Cat From Scratching Around His Food?

1. Try giving your cat     smaller meals 2. Think about buying a     puzzle feeder 3. If your cat starts     scratching the floor,         distract her with a toy 4. If you can't deal alone     your cat's excessive     scratching, consult a vet