6 Reasons Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtain


1. Cats Are Very Picky About Water

In the wild, stagnant water could be a source of disease and parasites, while running water is a much safer option.  So, your cat’s water bowl can be perfectly clean, but, she will still prefer to taste some moving water!

2. Plastic Shower Curtains Contain Animal Fat

Many shower curtains are made from plastic and contain gelatin or tallow that’s sourced from animal fats.  Since cats have a 14 times stronger sense of smell than humans, they just might enjoy the taste of your shower curtain!

3. Cats Like The Texture and Temperature

Your cat might just like the texture of your plastic shower curtain!  Also, your shower curtain is warm after you’ve just showered – and we all know cats like the feeling of warmth.

4. Chemicals

Plastic shower curtains might contain chemicals that could mimic the smell of pheromones and cause some strange reactions in cats.

5. Cats Like The Attention

Some cats might continue to lick your shower curtain just because your are reacting to this!  Simply, they just enjoy to receive attention from you.

6. Some Plastics Contain Corn Starch

Some shower curtains might contain the corn starch.   While this isn’t an ingredient that a carnivore cat would naturally eat, you can find corn in dozens of lower quality cat foods, so, cats do like its taste.

Should You Worry About Your Cat Licking The Shower?

Generally, this shouldn’t be a big deal.   As long as your cat is only licking the shower curtain and not trying to actually bite it and eat it, there’s nothing to worry about.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Licking The Shower?

You should try shutting the door and prevent your cat from entering the bathroom.  You might also try adding more water locations inside your home.   Additional thing you can do is changing your curtain!