6 Reasons Why Do Cats Shed So Much


There are typically two seasonal sheds for cats.  They shed off their heavy winter coat in the spring.  The second great shed happens in the fall to make room for your cat’s winter coat.


If your cat isn’t getting a healthy, balanced diet, this might increase her shedding amount.

2. Poor Diet

Any kind of stress, such as vet visit, or some big change in your lives, might cause your cat to shed a lot more.

3. Stress and         Nervousness

Obese cats are not capable of grooming themselves in right way.   When your cat grooms herself, she removes dead hair from all around. If she gets overweight, she will not be able to continue with the grooming in the same way.

4. Obesity

Pregnancy can deplete cats of the calcium and minerals they need for a healthy coat.  This nutritional depletion leads to excessive shedding in cats.

5. Pregnancy

Some health issues in cats, such as ringworms, allergies, and hyperthyroidism might also cause increased shedding.

6. Medical Issues