6 Explanations Why Do Cats Like Moving Water


1. Moving Water Is Safer To Drink

Stagnant water is more likely to be filled with bacteria and disease, why moving water in typically considered much safer.

2. Cats Can’t See Water Very Well

There is a chance that cats prefer moving water because they can hear it better than they can see the water in their bowls.

3. Cats Might Dislike The Location Of Their Bowls

Domestic cats still have their natural instincts.   Placing the water bowl in a vulnerable position might make your cat seek out other moving sources of water instead.

5. Moving Water Is Fun To Play With

Moving water is fun to splash around for cats!

6. Moving Water Can Keep Whiskers Comfortable

Since cats usually drink and eat from high-sided bowls, their whiskers might get stressed.  So, many of them will like moving water simply because it allows them to drink without having to use a bowl!