6 explanations for Why Your Cat Hugs Your Arm And Bites You


1. Love Bites

These bites don’t draw blood and they  usually happen while you’re petting  your cat.  Love bites are usually a result of  overstimulation in felines.

2. Your Cat Needs Something

Cats can manifest some behaviors that  can show us they lack something.  Perhaps your cat's food bowl is empty,  or she got bored, and is asking you to  engage in some kind of activity  with her.

3. A Teething Kitten

If you have a young kitten, hugging your  arm and biting you could be a sign  of teething.  You should provide your kitten with  a cold wet washcloth to relieve her  pain and to decrease her urge to bite you.

4. Prey Instinct

Your arm might also present a prey for your cat.   This is perfectly natural, but, still, you shouldn’t  let your cat hurt you and go too far with  this game.

5. Showing Dominance

Your cat hugging your arm and then  biting you could be their attempt to  show dominance.  If you let her do this often, without  warning her to stop, she might  understand this as a sign that  she’s the boss in the house.

6. Your Cat Might Be Injured

Hugging your arm and biting you could be a  sign that your cat’s injured and in pain.  If you suspect that your cat is injured,  gently approach her to examine her,  and consult a veterinarian.