6 Explanations For Why Does My Cat Scratch Around His Food


1. To Hide The Scent Of The Food

Cats can also fall prey to bigger predators so hiding leftovers is essential to their survival. If you find your kitty pawing around their food after they were done eating, they might simply be recreating the same instinctive behavior.

2. To Protect Her Kittens

A mother cat is extremely protective of  her offspring. If you have a female cat that just  gave birth - she might just scratch  around the food to protect her kittens  from predators

3. Kneading The Floor

Your cat’s habit of kneading the  floor can be traced to its kittenhood  when they would knead on their mother’s nipple to stimulate milk  production. This breadmaking technique usually  means that your cat is anticipating  a pleasant experience!

4. To Keep The Space Clean

Cats love to be clean.  Seeing your cat scratching around their  food might be baffling to you, but  since the food bowl is usually in an  area your cat lives in, they’ll try to  make sure their territory is tidy!

5. Too Much Food

If you’re giving your kitty big portions  that she doesn’t eat in one session, then you might notice her scratching at the floor.  The best way to keep this behavior  at bay is by controlling the portions you give them.

6. They Don’t Like The Food

Some cats might show you they dislike  their meal by scratching around the food.