6 Explanations For Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me


Cats go through a period of socialization and  the first 9 weeks of their life are the most  critical in their social development. If your kitten wasn’t properly handled by humans or had little contact with people then they might have developed fear.

1. Poor Socialization

While cats might be renowned  hunters, they’re also prey.  If you just brought your cat home,  then they might see you as a threat  that triggers their prey instinct.

2. The Fear Instinct

If you find your kitty running away  from you, and show signs of aggression or constant fear,  there’s a chance that they had  a traumatic past. The effect of abuse and neglect  can have both short and long-term psychological and emotional effects.

3. Traumatic Past

Just like with people that can be  characterized as introverts, extroverts,  or both, cats are no different in this aspect. So, perhaps your cat just wants to have  some space.

4. They Want Space

Next time you approach your kitty  notice your movements and the  sounds you make. Cats are  quite sensitive to sound.

5. Sensitivity To Loud Noise

A cat in heat can be less friendly  since her mind isn’t focused on you,  but on her instinctive need to procreate.

6. A Cat In Heat