6 Best Cat Trees For Declawed Cats To Have Fun, too


  - Features a small ramp    - Suitable for older cats    - Tall, but not giant

1. Best Overall: ZENY 33.5 Inch Cat Tree Tower

  - Features huge platforms    with plenty of room    - Has a hanging sleeping    hammock    - Super-thick plush bedding

2. Taller Runner Up: Hey-Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

  - Compact size    - Excellent budget option     - A large plush platform and a    hanging hammock

3. Best On A Budget: FEANDREA 26.7 Inch Cat Tree

  - Extra-large platforms     - A 23-inch ramp    - Multiple floating hammocks    and dangly toys

4. Best for Multiple Cats: Amolife Heavy Duty 68 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

  - Features large platforms,   and a ladder for easier    access    - Premium height    - Plenty of room for multiple      cats

5. Budget Alternative for Multiple Cats: Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

  - Features faux leaves that    give this cat tree a stylish    and unique look    - Weight limit of 32 pounds    - Has a small opening on one    side that gives cats clear    options when climbing this    tree

6. Most Unique: On2 Pets 43 Inch Cat Tree with Leaves