5 Ways How To Keep Your Cat Off The Bed


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You should first teach your cat that your bed is off-limits.  You can call her, play with her, and use treats to distract her from climbing on your bed.

1. Train Your Cat

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One of the best ways to get your cat off your bed is buying one for her only!  The cat bed should be comfortable and make your pet feel nice and cozy.

2. Get A Cat Bed

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If nothing else works, your could cover your bed with aluminum foil which will be noisy and feel sticky for your cat.

3. Make Your Bed Undesirable

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You should put some soft bedding and a cushion inside the crate.  Cats love sleeping in small places, so the crate should have just enough space for her to stand up and lie down comfortably.

4. Crate Your Cat

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If you still have trouble keeping your cat off your bed, close your bedroom door.  In the beginning, you might hear your cat crying outside the door, but, stay firm and don’t give in!

5. Keep The Bed Off Limits

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Sleeping with a cat might be disrupting, since they could be active during nighttime. Also, cats shed and their hair might cause allergic symptoms in humans. And I’m sure all of you want to avoid the fear of rolling over you cats in sleep!

Why Should You Keep Your Cat Off Your Bed?