5 Ways How To Fix A Wobbly Cat Tree 


1. Make Sure The Tree Is On Even Surface

You might don’t even know that your floor is uneven! To check; set a ball on your floor; if it always rolls in the same direction, your floor is probably uneven. The simple solution would be to move the tree to another room.

2. Tighten Screws

Screws can loosen over time, so, check them also.

3. Move The Cat Tree Into A Corner

Place the tree against a wall or in a corner.  The tree should be stable again!

4. Increase The Weight Of The Base

You can use any item you find in the house for this, such as books, canned cat food, or a backpack filled with anything heavy.

5. Widen The Base Of The Tree

You can use wood glue to attach a new plywood base.  You can also attach the base and plywood using ratchet straps.