5 Steps To Take If You  Accidentally Step On Your Cat 


Step 1: 

How Much Weight Did You Put  On Your Cat? 

First ask yourself this question. This will help you understand the potential for injury. You probably didn't put all your weight on your pet. Also, most cats will vocalize as soon as they realize what's happening. 

Step 2: 

What Part of Your Cat Did You  Step On? 

If you're not able to tell exactly what part of your cat you stepped on, at least try to figure out which part you know you didn’t step on. 

Step 3: 

Check And Pet Your Cat 

Approach your cat slowly, give it some time to calm down, and start petting it gently. This will give you a chance to find  any sensitive areas or injuries. 

Step 4: 

Continue Watching for Any Behavior Changes 

If your cat has any kind of fracture, sprain, or significant internal injury you’ll know very quickly. These injuries will cause changes in your cat’s behavior including changes in the way it moves.

Step 5: 

Decide If You Need To Consult Your Veterinarian 

If you’re seeing any changes in your cat’s behavior or a sensitivity to a specific area, then it’s time to contact  your veterinarian.

How Can You Make It Up To Your Cat? 

You should be relieved to know that your cat will forgive you for the accident. It might, however, be a little more careful around you. You can make it up to your cat with extra pets,  playtime, and by just having fun with it!