5 Reasons Why Is My Cat Thin At The Back End


1. It’s Part Of Their Breed’s Physique

Some cats can have different body structures;  While they have the same weight, some might look thinner and others might look  bulkier.  Also, there are cats that are thin as a part  of their breed's description, such as the Devon Rex.

2. Your Cat Is Getting Old

With age comes change and muscle  wasting is common in older cats.   Even healthy senior cats have less  muscle mass than younger cats.

3. Loss Of Appetite

This might happen due to a  couple of reasons: - They don’t like the food - Dental discomfort or pain - Difficulty to digest

4. Underlying Condition Or Illness

Losing weight can be the result of some  health conditions, such as Diabetes Mellitus,  hyperthyroidism, cancer,  Feline immunodeficiency virus, etc.

5. Stress, Anxiety, Or Depression

If there were some recent changes  to your cat’s environment lately,  they can cause stress and anxiety  in her, which will result in her eating  less and, as a result, getting  much thinner.