5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Scratch The Wall


Her Nails Are Overgrown

Maybe your cat needs nails trimming, and she’s using a firmer surface like a wall to do this.


To Mark Her Territory

It’s a priority for every cat to have her own territory.   By scratching the wall, your cat is leaving her scent in a part of your home which she wants to mark as her territory.


To Relieve The Stress

Scratching the wall might be a cat’s way of relieving stress.  There are many stress triggers for felines, such as changes in environment, a poor human-cat relationship, inter-cat conflict, etc.


She’s Just Bored

Cats need a certain level of stimulation, both physical and mental, to feel motivated and happy.   If your cat lacks this, she might get bored and will show this in some unwanted behaviors, like scratching your wall.


A Mouse In Your Wall

Your cat might have heard a mouse moving in the wall, and now she’s just waiting for him to move again!

How To Stop The Cat From Scratching The Wall?

1) Trim your cat’s nails regularly

2) Give your cat your time, attention, and new activities

3) Try redirecting the bad behavior

4) Use double-sided tape on the wall; Your Cat will not like the feeling of this sticky tape on her paws