5 Reasons Why Do Cats Paw Around Their Water Dish


Most cats love anything shiny and wiggly,  that they can paw and scratch at. Since water is reflective it can be a source of entertainment.   Stainless steel dishes can reflect shine on the floor or the wall if that’s where the dish is placed nearby.

Reason 1: Water Is Entertaining

A a cat that scratches or paws around his water dish might do it as his  own drinking ritual. They might also paw around their  food as a sign of pleasure, so they  might be kneading the floor before  and after drinking.

Reason 2: That’s How Your Cat Drinks

If your cat’s water dish is too narrow it can lead to “whisker fatigue or  stress” because of the pressure being put on, pushing back, or squeezing the vibrissae together. This may cause your cat to paw around and inside the  water bowl.

Reason 3: Whisker Discomfort

Your kitty might have an  obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),  which means that he cat will engage in  repetitive, exaggerated behaviors that  are seemingly without purpose.

Reason 4: It’s A Compulsive Behavior

One of the things cats will use is their paws to claim their territory, thanks  to the scent glands located there.   By scratching the floor around the water dish, cats claim that area  and let the other cat know not to  drink from there.

Reason 5: It’s A Territorial Instinct