5 Reasons Why Do Cats Knead And Bite Blankets


Kittens knead the nipples of their mother while they’re nursing.  One of the most common reasons for your cat to adopt this behavior later on in her life is if she was separated from her mother too early.

1. A Nursing Technique

Wild cats used to knead and pat down the foliage to make the ground softer for sleeping or giving birth.   So, your cat might instinctively be doing what her ancestors did when it was time to sleep.

2. Wild Cat Behavior

As they knead the blanket, cats release their scent from the bottom of their paws on the sleeping surface, claiming it as their own.

3. Claiming The Blanket As Their Territory

Cats can feel quite vulnerable when going to sleep, so, they might use kneading and biting to create a sense of safety that their mothers were responsible for.

4. For Relaxation And Comfort

A cat who kneads her bedding, or even you, probably feels very loved and comfortable.

5. A Sign Of Trust

You don’t need to worry about this behavior as long as your cat doesn’t ingest the fabric.

Should You Stop Your Cat Kneading And Biting?