5 Reasons Why Are Cats Noses Wet


1. Drinking

When trying to drink, your cat might unintentionally dip their nose a little too far if the water level in their bowl is low, making her nose wet.

2. Environment

When it’s warm and humid outside, water vapor in the air that your cat exhales condenses, leaving the outside of the nose damp.

3. Tears

If your cat’s eyes are teary due to cold, allergy or some other problem, the moisture descends and results in a wet nose.

4. Licking

A cat’s tongue can easily touch its nose, so any licking could potentially spread moisture up to the nose.

5. Upper Respiratory Infections

A wet nose in cat can result from her coughing, sneezing, or having runny eyes due to an upper respiratory infection.

What If My Cat’s Nose Is Overly Wet?

You should only visit your veterinarian if your cat’s runny nose is accompanied by any other symptoms or behavioral changes.