5 Reasons For Why Do Cats Pee On Bathroom Rugs


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Medical Causes

If your feline companion is spayed/neutered, and urine marking doesn’t apply to them then the first thing you need to figure out is if this behavior is caused by a medical  problem. One of the most common problems is the inflammation of the urinary tract.


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Marking Their Territory

Spraying is a common behavior of an unneutered cat. Your cat might use the marking  technique to communicate to other cats that the whole bathroom or even the bathmat is theirs. It can be a natural reaction to a  newly adopted kitty.


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Behavioral Problems

Cats might show this behavioral  problem due to a change - when  something in cats' environment  changes it can easily lead to stress,  and urine marking is often times associated with stress in cats.


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Litterbox Problems

A good and positive litter box environment  improves the well-being of a cat. So, when your cat is doing their private business on your bathroom rug, they could be protesting against the state of their toilet.


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Your Cat Likes The Rug

If you’ve eliminated all of the above  reasons, it’s also possible that your kitty is drawn to the bathroom rug  because they like how it smells!