5 Explanations For Why Does My Cat Chew Cardboard


1. Just For Fun

Every cat is always looking something interesting to do.   Maybe she’s just bored, and has found that the sound the cardboard makes while she chews it is super fun!

2. Prey Drive

It might be hard to imagine your cute domestic cat as a predator – but she is one.   The process of ripping up cardboard will satisfy your cat’s prey drive.

3. It Feels Good On Sore Gums

If your cat is struggling with tartar, plaque, or any other dental problem, chewing cardboard might make her sore gums feel better.

4. Your Cat Is Marking Their Turf

All cats are territorial, and many of them will be using a cardboard box to mark their turf. If your cat is not showing aggression related to being territorial – a cardboard box is probably a safe place for her to make a stand.

5. Your Cat Is An Artist

Your cat chewing on the cardboard might be her attempt to redesign it – maybe she is trying to make it more comfortable. Seems like you might have a feline artist!

Is Chewing Cardboard Boxes Safe for Cats?

In most cases it will be, just make sure your cat is not eating the cardboard and avoid any sharp edges or toxic substances.

How To Stop A Cat From Chewing Cardboard?

 1. Redirect her behavior    by giving her new    toys to play with.  2. Remove the    cardboard out of your    cat’s reach.  3. Discourage your cat’s    drive to chew    cardboard by using a    spray that will make    cardboard taste    bitter.