5 Best Dry Cat Foods For Adult Felines!

1. Runner Up: Tiki Cat Born Carnivore

Tiki Cat’s Born Carnivore line of dry cat food checks all our boxes with high protein content, low carbohydrate content, deboned chicken as the first ingredient, and minimal additives.

2. Best On A Budget: American Journey Dry Cat Food Turkey and Chicken Recipe

This strikes a balance between price, protein, and carbs and is worth exploring. At roughly 23% carbohydrate content, this recipe still meets our requirements.

3. Best For Weight Loss & Hairball Control: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food

Regarding weight loss, higher fiber helps cats feel more full and may stop cats from begging as much. It contains extra nutrients and vitamins.

4. Best Dry Kibble For Urinary Health: Farmina N&D Functional Quinoa Urinary Dry Food

This dry cat food has reduced magnesium and phosphorous content, the two minerals most often contributing to urinary stone formation.

5. Best Freeze-Dried: Feline Natural Beef & Hoki Feast

As an entirely freeze-dried food, Feline Natural can be fed as is for a meal that’s close to dry kibble or you can rehydrate it for something that’s more like wet food.

How To Pick The Best Dry Kibble For Your Individual Cat

• Medical history • Age and life stage • Activity level and current weight • Food preferences • Budget

Watch Your Cat’s Water Intake When Feeding Dry Food

• Consider a water fountain • Have more than one water bowl • Consider adding water or something extra to your cat’s dry kibble