5 Alternatives To Declawing A Cat


Offer Areas To Scratch

Scratching is just a part of being a cat, so there’s no getting around this one, and almost every alternative will depend on your cat having an appropriate area to scratch.

Make Appropriate Scratching Areas More Appealing

You can take things to another level by making your designed scratching areas even more appealing with the addition of catnip or feline pheromones.

Positive Reinforcement Training

You don’t need to teach your cat to skateboard…you just want to give them plenty of positive reinforcement when they use the appropriate scratching areas.

Keep Nails Trimmed

Keeping nails trimmed is one of the most prominent alternatives to declawing and also one of the most effective.

Nail Caps

Not only are they excellent for protecting furniture and carpets but they can also protect people.