4 Reasons Why A Cat Vomit Looks  Like Poop


Why A Cat Vomit Looks Like Poop?

The vomiting is an active process that usually lasts a few minutes;  the cat may retch, drool, look unwell and then vomit. A vomit that looks like poop may require medical treatment. There are 4 main reasons for cat vomit looking like poop.

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1. Food

Most cat food is colored in some shade of brown. The intestinal sensitivities may cause your cat to vomit undigested food. So, the brown vomit might actually  be just food.

2. Brown Bile

Another reason cat vomit looks like poop is the liquid from your cat’s liver. The bile your cat vomits is commonly yellow; however, if your cat vomits brown bile, that can indicate that she has problems with her internal organs.

3. Bleeding In The Digestive Tract

Bleeding might also be the reason why a cat vomit looks like poop. If your cat just started to vomit brown liquid, it can indicate bleedingž problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

4. Gastroenteritis

Cat vomit looks like poop if your cat’s stomach is dealing with gastroenteritis, which is swelling of the stomach and the intestines. The causes may be due to intestinal parasites, bacteria,  medications, viruses, or food.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Vomits?

If your cat vomits looks like poop very often, and it proceeds with  lethargy, weight loss, and lack  of appetite, the vet appointment  is a must.