4 Reasons Why A Cat Sounds Congested But No Discharge


1. Cold

Your cat might be having a common cold.   Besides her sounding congested and not showing discharge, she might seem uninterested in playing with you, she could meow more, and her appetite might decrease.

How To Treat?

You should ensure your kitten gets plenty of rest in a warm, comfy environment.   Also, she needs to drink a lot of water to compensate for the lost fluids.  You can try using a humidifier to help your cat breathe easier, and to encourage her to eat.

2. Allergies

Allergic reactions might be a reason why a cat sounds congested (but no discharge!).   Additional symptoms of allergies are coughing, intense scratching, meowing, and even diarrhea and vomiting.

How To Treat?

The treatment will depend on the allergen type.   You should keep your home clean of dust and dirt, and bathe your cat more often to relieve itching.

3. Foreign Bodies

Another reason why your cat might sound congested, but you’ll not notice discharge in her is due to a foreign body obstructing her airways.

How To Treat?

If you suspect that there's a foreign body in your cat's trachea, you need to take her to the vet immediately.  The veterinarian will probably recommend to hospitalize your cat, to be able to closely observe the process of the foreign object in her trachea.

4. Heart Disease

There’s also a chance that a cat  that sounds congested and shows  no discharge will have a heart  disease.  A cat suffering from a heart  condition will have trouble  breathing, since the fluid will  be accumulated in her chest cavity.

How To Treat?

Proper treatment in the early stage  of the heart disease will decrease  the chance of further damage to a  cat’s heart.  The vet will undertake chest  x-rays and a heart ultrasound to  determine the exact state of  heart disease in your cat.