3 Reasons Why Do Cats Like Crinkly Things


Cats can hear at the ultrasonic level. The noise of a crinkly paper could mimic the ultrasonic communication of mice, and could even sound similar to the movement of mice, which can trigger prey drive in cats!

1. Cats’ Amazing                Hearing

The sound of a paper bag rustling around might mimic the sound of dry grass and leaves, which makes a nice bed for a cat.

2. The Sound Of           Comfort

Cats love to try new things. The sound of a crinkly plastic bag is existing for them because it’s not a common day noise they expect to hear.

3. Something      Different

Some crinkle noises can even be dangerous for cats, since they can trigger seizures in them.  The most common sound that causes seizures in cats is the sound of tin foil crinkling.

Not All Crinkles Are Good

The condition of seizures in cats caused by crinkles is called FARS.  It’s quite uncommon and affects much older cats starting at the age of 15.  Chances of your cat suffering from FARS is quite low.

Should You Be Worried?