3 Explanations For Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens


Reason 1: She Wants To Keep Her Kittens Safe

The biggest reason cats bring you  their kittens is for safety. The absolute safest place for a cat to keep her kittens would  be with her human family.

Reason 2: She Might Need Some Help

Besides safety, your cat mom  might just need a break and  she’s trusting you to help out. There are many cases of domestic cats sharing the responsibility for the kittens with another mom!

Reason 3: You’re Family

An even simpler reason is that your  cat considers your house her  home and you’re part of her family. So, of course, she’s going to bring  her litter to you. After all, this is her home, too, and she wants to bring her family together!

Why Do Cats Move Their Kittens Around At All?

It’s normal for a mother cat to move  their kittens around, especially in the  first few weeks of their life.  She does this to find a cleaner nest, a  better location for hunting or because  she needs a little kitten help!

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Only One Kitten?

In some cases, cat moms may  decide to only bring you one  kitten and leave the rest behind.  This could be a major point of concern and your cat could be telling you that there’s something wrong with the kitten.