11 Reasons Why Do Cats Attack Pregnant Women


1. Sensing Pregnancy

Cats can sense pregnancy very early. This unusual change can make them want to defend themselves because they are unsure of what is happening.

2. Behavioral Issues

A cat’s behavior can frequently change when it learns that its owner is expecting a baby, so they might show threatening behavior toward their human owner.

3. Cat Feels Neglected

The cat might feel ignored; if she doesn’t get the unconditional attention she’s used to, she might act aggressively.

4. Cat Doesn’t Like Owner Changes

Cats can sense hormonal changes in their owners, and some of them react to this by attacking their humans.

5. Territorial Aggression

Cats might not want their pregnant owner in their space because they are angry and in pain from chronic stress.   So, they are likely to show territorial aggression.

6. Petting Attacks

Maybe you have been constantly petting your cat, and she got overstimulated.  She attacks you to defend herself!

7. Cats Sense Negative Changes

Pregnant women are targeted by cats because they are aware that when the baby is born, they will receive less attention.

8. Petting Aggression

There are several stages in pregnancy where you might feel emotional or quite clingy.  So, you might pet your cat more, but your cat might dislike this, since cats seem to have a limit to how much petting they will tolerate!

9. Fear

A cat becomes hostile when it finds something to be threatening.   You might be a threat to the cat’s tranquility because you’re pregnant.

10. Stress

At home with a pregnant woman, aggressive, stressed cats can be dangerous, since they are distressed, angry, and in pain.

11. Trauma

A cat could attack a pregnant woman without hesitation if she has any past trauma related to them. A cat may harbor resentment for a very long time if a pregnant woman previously beat or yelled at her.